MegaTrim consists of only the finest all-natural ingredients and herbs gathered from countries of the world. All InHealth products are manufactured in the United States at our government registered and inspected facility. Every InHealth product meets the highest standards in the industry and InHealth is recognized as a leader in quality.


In 1998, Mayor Pharmaceuticals Laboratories, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona USA, elected to open full manufacturing and administrative facilities in Europe to produce the VitaMist Spray Nutraceutical line using its patented delivery system, along with the USP, NF (United States Pharmacopeia, National Formulary) approved formulations.

Through endless research and elaborate negotiations, KareMor Manufacturing International, Ltd. was founded and was awarded approval from the European Union and the Shannon Development Committee, to establish operations within the Shannon Industrial Estate / Duty Free Zone in Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland. Corporate offices in Shannon consist of a state of the art research and development lab, complete manufacturing facilities, complete product fulfillment, international shipping department and agreements and a complete administration staff allowing constant quality control.

Since its conception in May 1999, KareMor has become a financially strong organisation exhibiting stability and reliability.

Holding the exclusive distribution rights for the VitaMist range, KareMor have constructed a unique business opportunity program to allow VitaMist products to be marketed through self-employed Distributors.

The KareMor Business opportunity has been established to promote the VitaMist range of products and attract professional business people/entrepreneurs to build teams as leaders in this dynamic company. The main objective is to help our distributors achieve financial independence. Operating Full Time or Part Time achieving incomes of ?500 per month or ?5000 per month - its up to you. Just Let us show you how.

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