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In our fast paced

In our fast paced world where we need to often time be many things to many people it is easy to become stressed, frazzled and exhausted. The food we eat can either add to the problem or help to de-stress us by virtue of what it contains or even the texture. Munching crunchy foods and working out frustration is more favorable than clenching your jaw and holding onto stress and frustration.

Foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids (such as salmon and tuna) as well as other foods with non saturated fat (avocados and almonds) help to reduce stress by preventing surges in mood hormones . Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains can keep blood sugar levels stable.

Stimulants like coffee should be avoided. The energy spike it offers isnít the problem, it is the inevitable crash that occurs afterward. Alcohol also isnít a good idea as it is a depressant and counterproductive to keeping yourself as consistently happy and positive as you can.

If you are mindful to eat a well balanced diet full of non processed high protein, high vitamin foods you will be doing yourself as well as your stress levels a huge favor.

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