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It's easier to establish

It’s easier to establish good eating habits in the convenience of our own familiar day to day lives. We make sure our frige and cupboards are stocked with healthy lowfat food options and keep the temptations OUT of the house. It’s a different game when we want to maintain those habits while travelling whether it be via the car or plane. We will most likely be faced with eating out at restaurants, stopping at fast food establishments or even the gas station mini marts or small convenience type stores.

We have the most control over our food options when we are travelling in the car. Because we are in our own vehicle we can pack our own food and control when and where we will stop. Stopping at a restaurant and knowing what type of food is served and whether or not there are healthy choices is valuable in staying on track with your weight loss plan. Using convenient tools like the online Healthy dining Finder can provide you with nutritional information about the meals served at various restaurants at which you may consider eating. If you are in a spot where there are not a lot of options this tool can help you choose a meal that will be a healthy choice right off their menu so there is no guess work. Knowing the true nutritional information about what we are ordering at a restaurant helps us from using our own best guess about fat content or calorie content of a meal. I know I usually underestimate these numbers…afterall we’re all brought up to believe a salad is a healthy choice…but some we are stunned to find out contain more fat and calories than the sumptuous meal we really wanted but didn’t opt for because we believed the salad would be a better choice. Knowledge is power!

When we’re dealing with air travel the same applies although with the restrictions regarding what we can take with us from home on board our flights we are often at the mercy of the food offerings at the airport. Which can be a dieters nightmare. Aside from checking out reports such as this airport food review put out by the PCRM you do well to stick with lean proteins and vegetables with no butter when dining in a restaurant and with items such as protein bars, beef or turkey jerky when choosing a snack from an airport gift shop. If you must have something “snacky” opt for lowfat pretzals instead of chips or snacks marketed as ”healthy” . Be sure to read the label and look at the fat and sugar content…especially of the protein bars as many of them contain more fat and sugar than a candy bar.

Remember also to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can signal in our brains as hunger sometimes and we mistakenly eat to try and satisfy our thirst. Drink water before eating to make sure you’re not just feeding thirst and dehydration.

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