Tips On Choosing The Proper Flat Roof Materials

Looking for the proper roofing materials for a flat roof, you may face the fact that the contemporary market is just flooded with different options for you to choose from. Specifically, the choice of a flat roofing material is greatly determined by your personal preferences and the sort of material you like. But everyone dealing with this responsibility should remember that even though a great number of material options are available, there're some important factors that can greatly influence your choice. Usually these factors include the season, your budget, as well as climate of the area you live in. well, in order to make the right choice of flat roof materials it will be useful to learn the most popular materials nowadays.

Built-Up Roof (BUR) flat roofing material

The BUR flat roofing material is one of the traditional hot tar styles that used to be very popular in the older times. This roofing material is probably the cheapest choice nowadays that is used by layering three or more stacks of some high-rate waterproof material that is like sandwiched between them. And the upper layer is covered with gravel-type pebbles.

This method is considered to be very interesting, unique and at the same time cheap. The only disadvantage is that it is difficult to maintain. It's necessary to straighten the joints for them to be able to hold the great weight of the roof on them. So, you'll need to use the assistance of an experienced person to do this task correctly.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

EPDM flat roofing material is produced from rubber mainly. This type of roofing is durable and is similar to rubber that is used in inner tubes. Generally, there're three methods of installing: using fasteners, ballasting then or gluing them down. Due to this, you'll face rather slow maintenance, leaks are easy to patch. Besides, the material is very but durable. The black type of EPDM flat roofing material is able to soak up great amount of heat, so, it's better to be avoided in hot climates.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen is the type of flat roofing materials that has an additional layer with the special protection based on minerals. Usually, this layer is laid on the very surface of the roof. Two types of materials can be used - torch-adhesion material and the peel and stick type. The latter one is simpler in character.

DIY Plastics is the main name in the area of plastic sheeting and cladding. Besides, DIY Plastics is considered to be the leading and most preferred national supplier of different types of plastic sheeting as well as flat roofing materials for homes, DIY, and gardens.

There's no doubt that flat roofs are the most subjected to leaks and different kinds of damage which can be caused by diverse factors. However, the main reason for the listed problems is absence of the natural drainage system that is usually a characteristic feature of sloped roofs where water can simply run down from the roof. In case with a flat roof water can collect in deepenings of the roof creating puddles as it simply has no way to run. As a consequence, this pooled water, as well as ice and the sun's rays can damage the surface of a flat roof, of course, if it isn't covered with high-rate flat roof materials. But a roof is the sort of property that is meant to serve for decades of years and even for a lifetime.

All flat roofing materials including bitumen, felt, and asphalt are exposed to the same weather conditions as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and EPDM, but they withstand the rain, the ice, the heat, and the sun's rays in different ways. Even if some of the named weather conditions are not too frequent, in several years you'll notice you're your roof isn't as perfect as it used to be when it was just installed. Even if you can see only slight signs of damage on your roof, it can be subjected to much bigger in a few years, so that the ceiling and the room below will experience this negative impact as well.

It should be mentioned that EPDM doesn't need covering and still it will demonstrate great durability. It can perfectly withstand the sun's UV rays, ice, rain, and other unfavorable weather conditions. So, consider installing this type of roofing in order to avoid more serious physical damage s well. It's no secret that EPDM is the best roofing material for flat roofs.

Don't risk buying too cheap flat roofing materials as this false economy can lead to even greater expenses later. You'll need to replace them regularly paying much money every time you do it. Besides, flat roof covered with low quality roofing materials will need constant repairs as well. In this way, even paying more money for the EPDM and for its installation, you'll need to pay less for its maintenance. Besides, this type of roofing is guaranteed to serve at least for twenty years without any repair works.

Summing up, it's necessary to say that creating an efficient and stable flat roof plays an important role for the house in general. Flat roofs usually cover kitchens, extensions, and garages and if they start leaking they may need much of your expenses.